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If there is this standard on the food bag, then you can buy it with confidence

December 11, 2022

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Now with the development of the economy, the development of many cities is based on the destruction of the urban environment. This has also led to people’s constant concerns about health. Being able to buy healthy food is the best choice for those who work hard in the city. Speaking of this, I have to mention one word now, “earth”. It seems that as long as earth is mentioned now, it is high-end things, such as local tyrants, local eggs, local specialties, etc. It is conceivable that everyone yearns for the original ecological products, and now it is also the reason why many food bags are constantly promoting the original ecological products. Because everyone likes original ecological things now, the design of food bags can greatly improve the image of the company. However, these are all advertisements, whether they are good or not needs to be tested by the relevant departments, and whether these products are qualified products. However, as long as there is this logo on the food bag, then this product is a very qualified product. So what exactly is the sign? This mark is the mark of pollution-free agricultural products. As long as there are products with this mark on the food bag, they are all pollution-free agricultural products, because this mark cannot be used casually. It needs to meet the inspection of the three standards of environment, process and quality, meet the requirements of pollution-free products, and pass the inspection of relevant departments before it can get this mark.

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