How to use vacuum bags and precautions

January 9, 2023

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Vacuum compression bags are divided by materialMOPEMembrane and high-strength composite membrane,There are detailed descriptions in the content of the certificate of conformity in the lower right corner of the reverse side of the outer packaging. The high-strength composite film isMOPEThe replacement product of the membrane is the latest product this year, with better quality and better sealing performance.[How to use vacuum compression bags and precautions]: 1.Care should be taken before and after inflation of the vacuum compression bag. Do not let sharp objects scratch it. It is best to operate it on a bed or on a clean table. If there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers in the stored items, please fold them inside and then Put in storage bag. When storing in a cabinet or other places, also pay attention to whether there are sharp objects in the storage place to ensure the integrity of the bag. 2.Clothes, quilts and other items should be placed in the vacuum compression bag as much as possible, at least away from the sealed zipper3-5cm, do not force large items into it. 3.Make sure that the zipper part of the vacuum bag seal is clean. If fibers and dust enter, the sealing performance will be reduced. It is recommended to wipe it clean with a damp gauze before closing the zipper. After closing the zipper, please hold the slider tightly with your hand and pull back and forth several times at the seal to ensure that the two ribs of the seal are fully buckled into the groove,To ensure the sealing effect. 4.When using the suction pump, screw the screw interface of the pump to the bottom,The white rubber gasket against the air suction port ensures that there is no air leakage at the interface. Generally, a large vacuum compression bag needs to be pumped3to5According to the species, it takes about three to five hundred strokes to have obvious flattening phenomenon. When using the air pump, pay attention to continuous pumping, it is best not to stop. It is best to have a vacuum cleaner at home, which is labor-saving and convenient. 5.After pumping, please check the seal again to make sure it is sealed.

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