How to solve the problem of overhardening in the production of plastic bags

January 17, 2023

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Plastic packaging bag manufacturers told us that we need to pay more attention in the later stage of manufacturing products, because if we are not careful, the product will harden. This phenomenon occurs because the proportion of ingredients is not handled properly. Today we will learn how to prevent it. The appearance of sclerosis.First of all, we need to strictly control the ratio. If we can’t control the ratio, we can use the measuring tool, so that there will be no problem of too hard plastic bags caused by uneven solution ratios. If this situation still occurs, it may be because there is a problem with the formula of the product, so the formula needs to be adjusted many times. At the same time, we can add some softening ingredients to the masterbatch to reduce the hardness of the packaging bag.The second is that the material used to make the product is non-degradable, so in order to protect the environment, the product after use can be placed in a special recycling bin, which can ensure the performance of the product.

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