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How to prevent air leakage when making vacuum packaging bags?

January 30, 2023

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Vacuum packaging bags are very common in our lives. Packaging food in vacuum packaging bags can prolong the storage time of things and make food less prone to mold. But when we buy things in the supermarket, we will find that sometimes some vacuum packaging bags are leaky, and the food inside is not edible. How can we prevent air leakage in vacuum packaging bags?1, When sealing, adjust the heat sealing time, the vacuum time should be determined according to the actual product and the size of the plastic packaging bag. The seal must be placed flat and not wrinkled, and the temperature of the machine must be constant, so as to ensure that the packaging bag will not leak.21. It is necessary to clearly stipulate that the supplier cannot add any recycled materials, otherwise trachoma will appear on the membrane surface, which will cause chronic air leakage.31. Find a strong plastic packaging bag supplier, and require the supplier to provide a material report and composition to achieve quality eligibility.4When the device is put into the box, and when it is transported (especially when it is shipped), it should be handled with care to avoid damage.

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