How to make kraft paper bags

January 24, 2023

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With the improvement of people’s own literacy and cultural level, more and more people advocate green and environmentally friendly consumption concepts. Kraft paper bags have become people’s favorite products. “Kraft paper bag”It is a bag made of composite material (kraft paper). Since the material of the kraft paper bag is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly, it is”Kraft paper bag”In meeting people’s green consumptionAt the same time, it has become an internationally recognized environmental protection product. It can be seen everywhere in major shopping malls and supermarkets at home and abroad”Kraft paper bag”The traces of it accompany us in our daily life and help us share the load of life. rightEveryone is no stranger to kraft paper bags, but do you know how kraft paper bags are made? Let’s learn how to make kraft paper bags together.Kraft paper bags are divided into small white kraft paper bags, medium kraft paper bags, and large bags according to the size and specifications of the paper bags.Small white kraft paper bag method: This kind of paper bag is completely formed by an assembly line machine and attached to the rope. Short construction period, high efficiency and low cost,Affordable.The medium-sized paper bag is completed by manual sticking on the basis of machine-made molding.Due to the limitation of machinery and equipment, the method of large bags can only be made by hand, which increases to a certain extentIncreased production costs, wasted manpower and material resources and work efficiency is quite low.The seemingly simple kraft paper bag is not easy to process. To cherish every paper bag is to cherish a hard work.

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