How to filling spout pouch ?

March 4, 2022

How to filling spout pouch ?

Filling from pouch: We can fill the pouch with funnel from the pouch. The pouch is top open so after filling product from pouch with fennel we have to heat seal the pouch with the help of heat sealer. There is a fully automatic machine available for filling spout pouches.

filling spout pouch

Filling from spout : We can fill the pouch with funnel from spout and apply cap. If we want to fill product from spout than we need minimum 15mm diameter of spout so fennel can go inside the pouch. This style is good for manual filling because we do not have to use heat sealer after filling the product.

filling spout pouch (2)

Filling by machine: We will recommend your nozzle and nozzle size according to your filling machine, if you have any interest please contact our sales team

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