How to distinguish different flexible packaging bags?

September 7, 2022

According to the function, it can be divided into aluminum foil bag, aluminized bag, vacuum bag, boiled bag, high temperature resistant cooking bag, freeze resistant bag, high barrier bag, anti-static bag, Electric bag, sterile bag, microwave oven bag, color printing bag, aluminum washing bag, paper bag, paper-plastic composite bag, paper-aluminum composite bag, anti-static screen Shielding bags, anti-static mesh bags, anti-vibration bubble bags, anti-static PE bags, etc.

According to the bag shape, there are three-side sealing, five-side sealing, multi-side sealing, yin and yang bags, Self-sealing bag, stand-up bag, zipper bags, stand up bags, self-supporting zipper bags, multi-side sealing zipper bags, special-shaped bags, super-large packaging bags, etc.

The contents are food packaging bags and pet food packaging bags. Daily chemical packaging bags, pesticide, and chemical fertilizer packaging bags (seed grain packaging Bags, health care products, medicine packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, and military packaging bags. Chemical raw material packaging bags, medical equipment packaging bags. mechanical Equipment moisture-proof packaging bags, metal wire packaging bags, metal powder unpacked watch bags, etc.

flexible packaging bags

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