How to differentiate the pure aluminum bags and aluminized bags in our daily life?

February 21, 2022

How to differentiate the pure aluminum bags and aluminized bags in our daily life?

Aluminized bags

Aluminized bags

Pure aluminum bags

Pure aluminum bags

Aluminum foil bag is divided into pure aluminum bag and aluminized bag.

So how to differentiate between aluminum bags and aluminized bag in our daily life,there are summarize down a few points:

  1. From material, pure aluminumbag is pure aluminum, high purity, soft materials;
  2. And aluminized bag mixed with composite material, is a brittle material.
  3. From cost, pure aluminum bag is more expensive than aluminized bag.
  4. From performance, the pure aluminum bag of moisture, the cooling effect is better than aluminized bag, and itcompletely away from light, but aluminized bag is shading effect.
  5. From the usage,pure aluminum bag is more suitable for pumping air into vacuum state, such as cooked food, meat products, and aluminized bag suitable for tea, powder, electronic parts, etc.

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