How to deal with air leakage in plastic packaging bags?

January 18, 2023

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Now custom-made plastic packaging bags are more popular, we can use them to preserve food, but when we find that it is time to inspect them, we will find that there is a phenomenon of air leakage, how should we deal with it? ?In fact, when we manufacture products, we can’t add any recycled materials to the manufacturing materials. This will cause trachoma on the surface of the product, which will cause chronic air leakage. Secondly, before custom-made products, it is necessary to inquire from many parties, so as to know the manufacturers with better strength, so that you will not worry about product quality problems. Before choosing materials, you need to purchase products that have passed the national inspection.When sealing, adjust the heat sealing time, usually1-3seconds, cooldown time, usually5seconds, the vacuum time should be determined according to the actual product and the size of the plastic packaging bag, usually the inner vacuum machine10-25Seconds, the external vacuum switch is usually5-15between seconds. The seal must be placed flat and not wrinkled.

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