How to choose to package electronic products?

July 9, 2022

How to choose to package electronic products?

There are many types of electronic products. Big knife, large machine, trail chip, etc. Electronic products are easily affected during storage, such as product performance, reliability, and lifespan. The following materials are commonly used in electronic packaging.

Package electronic products

  1. Anti-static bag, also known as anti-static PE bag. The packaging is relatively thin and suitable for small pieces of ordinary electronics, such as digital cables.
  2. Anti-static shielding bag, this bag is composed of multiple layers of materials, which can be used for vacuuming, shielding signals, etc., for electronic components, circuit boards, etc.
  3. Anti-static aluminum foil bag, good protection from light and moisture. However, it is time-sensitive, and it is best to place it within half a year.
  4. CPE frosted bag, generally used for dust protection of the inner bag

The above are several types of packaging commonly found in the market

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