How to choose the best packages for coffee

February 18, 2022

How to choose the best packages for coffee

How to choose the best coffee bag ?

you’ll find the answer here:

1.Side gusset bag

Side gusset bag

This one is totally handy, affordable and traditional, it’s no surprise that this type of package is widely used by brands all over the world. Good for minimalistic branding, thanks to its shape and dimensions, but kind of unstable when placed on flat surfaces, all because of the folding at the bottom; great against any weather, useful to know when considering a place to store them.

2.Flat bottom bag

Flat bottom bag

Looking like a box, it’s one of the most balanced and marketable packaging options out there, allowing more space for graphic design preferences of any style, making them seem more diverse at grocery shops when compared with other types of bags. These ones are extremely popular in the United States, but more interesting in Europe, as they come with a reclosable zipper.

3.Pillow Bags

Pillow Bags

The incredibly low-price of these, makes them more attractive to coffee shop owners worldwide. Simple, cheap and easy for fractional consumption; in other words, great for small quantities, let’s say one cup of Joe. The production is so excessive, that some restaurants give them “for free”

4. Doypack/ stand up pouch 

Doypack stand up pouch

Looking a bit unorthodox, comes round at the bottom and sharp at the top, this is one, if not the most popular coffee bag of 2019. The modern aesthetic is just impossible to ignore, stands up perfectly no matter the size, filling or weight, and has a useful zipper that is strong and convenient, making the Doypack an option worth every penny.

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