How to choose Mylar bags?

June 27, 2022

How to choose Mylar bags?

Most customer will use mylar bags to pack their weeds, CBD gummy or cookies, but how can choose a suitable mylar bags? Please see the following details for reference:

1, What is the suitable size and dimension?

  • 1g, W 3.4”x H 5”
  • 5g, 1/8 oz, W 3.4”x H 5” x D 1.6”
  • 7g, 1/4 oz, W 4”x H6.7” x D 2”
  • 14g, 1/2 oz, W 5”x H8” x D 3”
  • 28g, 1 oz, W 6.1”x H9.2” x D 3.5”
  • 224g, 1/2 lb, W 9.5”x H13” x D 5”
  • 448g, 1 lb, W 12”x H18.5” x D 6”

2, What is the suitable style of bag we can choose?

  • Flat pouch for smaller size, such as 1g and 3.5g.
  • Stand up pouch for bigger size, such as 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 1oz, 1/2 lb and 1lb.

3, What is the suitable material of bag you suggest?

  • Laminated aluminum foil material (also be known as mylar ), this kind of material is light proof so has wide application, such as VMPET and AL.
  • Foil material but with window, such as foil lined. This kind of material is popular because the customer can see the inside product clear.
  • Matte finish or glossy finish, such as matte OPP and PET.

Soft touch film, which is a BOPP matte film with a special plush feel on the surface. When you touch the surface of the material, you can clearly feel the astringent leather feeling.

  • Brown kraft paper or white kraft paper.

4, What is the closing method we can choose?

  • Standard zipper, resealable and cheaper
  • Child-resistant ziplock, which is difficult for children to mistakenly open and need to be compliant with CFR1700.20 and ASTM D3475 child-resistant standards.
  • Triple zipper, smell-proof
Mylar bags for cannabis (2)
Mylar bags for cannabis

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