How to choose an eco-friendly packaging bag?

October 21, 2022

How to choose an eco-friendly packaging bag?

Client`s question: we want to make some eco-friendly packaging bags for our cookies, could you please provide some suggestions?

Our question: our suggestion is kraft paper bag, kraft lined PLA bag, kraft lined VMPLA bag and recyclable bag.

  • Kraft paper bag, it is made by 100% paper which is nature and biodegradable, and accepted by the whole world.

You can close the bag by tin-tie or sticker. The weakness is that you can`t use it to keep the cookies for a long time because the air-lightness is poor.

eco-friendly packaging bag

  • Kraft lined PLA bag, PLA is a compostable material which is made by corn starch andYou can throw it into the soil after using, then it will be broken down by microorganisms and feeds plants.

eco-friendly packaging bag


  • Kraft lined VMPLA bag, VMPLA is foil-PLA, it is also compostable material but light-proof and the air-tightness is better than PLA.

eco-friendly packaging bag (2)

  • Recyclable bag, such as WHPE/PE, it is signer layer so it can be recycled at the end of their useful lifeand reuse, so it won`t be harmful to the earth.

eco-friendly packaging bag (3)

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