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How to choose a packaging bag for powder?

October 14, 2022

How to choose a packaging bag for powder?

Client`s question: We noticed in some other brands’ edible bags, there’s almost a second layer inside of the bag. It’s almost like the inside is coated with a nonstick material. We were wondering if this will matter on how we package the tea powder. 

Please see attached image for reference, and please let us know how to solve this problem.

packaging bag for powder (2)

Our answer: We have anti-static materials, such as anti-static PE, it is also food grade and suitable for packaging powder, such as milk powder, tea powder, and berry sugar.  

The suggested material is Matte OPP/VMPET/anti-static PE, it is also lightproof and moisture-proof.

The zipper is anti-static material too, the inside content won`t stick on the zipper, so won`t decrease the tightness of the zipper.

Please see the attached picture for reference.

packaging bag for powder

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