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How to choose a coffee bag to protect your coffee?

July 29, 2022

How to choose a coffee bag to protect your coffee?

Jmei uses advanced gravure printing equipment and exquisite craftsmanship exclusive packaging customization services for specialty coffee in the world, our coffee bag with bright colors and the exquisite gradient is excellence has won high praise and admiration of numerous snobs, we also can do the most with a limited budget to make more high-quality packaging bags.

Because the flavor oils of coffee beans or powder are easily oxidized, humidity and high temperature will also make coffee lose its aroma. Roasted coffee beans also contain high levels of carbon dioxide, which can affect flavor if kept in a bag for a long time.

coffee bag Valve

How do protect the coffee from moisture and odor, and keep the aroma of coffee for a long time?  

1, It requires a gadget that exhausts, we call it ‘One side Degassing-valve’, which allows carbon dioxide to escape from the inside of the bag without allowing external oxygen into the sealed bag.

As for grounded coffee/coffee powder, it requires that the valve need to be coated with non-woven fabrics, which can ensure that the powder does not clog the vent. As for coffee beans, then no need for non-woven fabrics.

The different volumes of coffee need a different valve. Coffee bags which under 16oz have required a valve with 5 holes, but if over 16 oz, they need a valve with 7 holes.

Coffee Bag Valve

2, It also requires a suitable material structure, it needs a light-proof and high barrier.

The most cost-effective structure, foil material, such as MOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE

The best choice: aluminum material, such as MOPP/PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/PE

Natural option: kraft material, such as Kraft/VMPET/PEcoffee bag material


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