How to check whether the vacuum aluminum foil bag meets the standard?

January 8, 2023

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How to identify whether the vacuum aluminum foil bag meets the standard, the editor thinks that there are mainly the following factors: 12. From the observation of the seal tightness, if there are some tiny seams on the seal, it is judged as a substandard product. 2, From the visual observation of the appearance, visually check whether there are obvious scratches and pinholes on the surface of the vacuum aluminum foil bag. Point to check for contamination on the seal. It cannot be judged by visual inspection, and a slight negligence is the cause of future leakage and rot. To check the sealing defect, you can use a dyed surfactant to spray in the sealing, and observe whether it penetrates or not to judge the tightness of the sealing. 3, Sealing strength test observation, will check the seal of the vacuum aluminum foil bag, cut the width15mmLong strip, use a material analyzer to300±20mm/minSpeed, to measure the sealing strength, usually the sealing strength of the composite bag should reach2334N/15mm.

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