How should rice vacuum packaging bags be designed?

January 1, 2023

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There are many types of packaging bags produced by yltpackaging. After all, with the improvement of living standards, people are pursuing quality. Now when people see rice vacuum packaging bags, have they ever had such doubts: “What information should be included on rice vacuum packaging bags to meet the national standards? Where is the design focus of rice vacuum packaging bags”? In fact, common rice vacuum packaging bags The information contained on the website basically includes: product introduction, product name, trademark, product standard code, production date, storage method, shelf life, place of origin, factory address, telephone number, nutritional composition table, warranty mark, barcode and other product information. The information on these common rice vacuum packaging bags is the information about the product conveyed to consumers, which not only makes consumers have a sense of trust in the product, but the exquisite appearance is also a sales highlight. Rice vacuum packaging bags focus on the following points: first, whether to add nutrition labels to rice vacuum packaging bags, these are the most effective nutritional information provided to consumers, and will bring a certain sense of trust; second, QS quality and safety license, QS The quality and safety statement is supervised by relevant departments, which also gives customers a better sense of trust. The third storage method should be stated to avoid unnecessary losses to customers. This makes customers feel that we are still very humane. The fourth is that the pattern of the rice vacuum packaging bag should also be exquisite, with real objects to highlight the product and give customers some highlights of demand. Nowadays, the average family population is small, and people’s views are constantly changing. During the transportation and sales of rice, the packaging should be “changed from big to small, and from heavy to light.” On the basis of the definite fresh-keeping effect, there are more potentials to be tapped. .

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