Food aluminum foil bag–extending the shelf life of food

May 18, 2022

Food aluminum foil bag–extending the shelf life of food

Parents who are far away from their hometown always want to send some chicken, duck, and pork raised by themselves to their children. These may be frozen food and some are ready-to-eat food, which will deteriorate during carrying. With the development of the current flexible packaging industry, developed Aluminum foil bags and food vacuum packaging bags, which can prevent food from spoiling, have reached extended food shelf life.

Food aluminum foil bag

The aluminum foil packaging bag is made of aluminum foil and other multi-layer materials. Compared with other raw materials, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, and strong barrier properties. So it can better extend the shelf life of food. Food vacuum packaging bags can also extend the shelf life by vacuuming and isolating the air of the food in the bag. Adding a chilled bag to the mailing process can extend the shelf life.

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