Flat-mouth plastic bags are made of these two materials and have these functions

December 5, 2022

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Flat mouth plastic bag is also a relatively common type of plastic bag, basically most industries can use this type of plastic bag. Compared with other types of plastic bags, flat plastic bags are more widely used. The production material of this flat mouth plastic bag is mainly composed of these two materials, PO and PE materials. The classification of flat mouth plastic bags and portable plastic bags is similar, divided into bottom and no sides, bottom and sides, bottom and sides, bottom and no sides, but most flat mouth plastic bags are almost the same as portable plastic bags. The biggest difference between flat-mouth plastic bags and portable plastic bags is that flat-mouth plastic bags use punching instead of adding hand straps. Most of the flat-mouth plastic bags use the style of bottomless and sideless. However, there is another kind of flat-mouth plastic bag that does not punch holes. The main use of this kind of flat-mouth plastic bag is to package some electronic products, some brochures, and some small gifts. The size of this kind of non-punched plastic bag is not too big, and they are all relatively small. The materials used for this kind of plastic bags are generally mainly PP\OPP\CPE.

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