Factors Affecting the Price of Composite Food Packaging Bags

January 8, 2023

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At present, most of the food packaging bags are composed of composite bags. The so-called composite food packaging bags refer to food packaging bags whose packaging materials are made of various materials. food packaging bags

Composite food packaging bags go through several processes: compounding, printing, and bag making. What are the components of the price of composite food packaging bags? The editor will give you a brief analysis today.Composite food packaging bag price element

1: CompositeThe composite process is to make the packaging material of the food packaging bag. Unlike the single-layer food bag, it is composed of various materials. How much material, thickness, and type of glue are compounded (except for co-extrusion) are all important factors that affect the price of compound bags. For example, the aluminum foil composite bag used in the packaging of high-temperature sterilization ready-to-eat food, its various materials must be resistant to high temperature, and the glue must also be resistant to high temperature, so its price is more expensive than ordinary aluminum foil composite bags.

Composite food packaging bag price element two: specificationsThe larger the specification, the more materials are used, the more materials are lost in starting up, and the higher the price. The price and the size of the specification are not directly proportional. When the quantity is small, the growth rate of the price is higher than the growth rate of the specification.

Composite food packaging bag price element three: printingAnyone who has been in contact with the customization of food packaging bags basically understands this. The beautiful graphic information on the food bags is all printed. Most of the printing processes used in these composite bags are gravure printing, and the price is affected by the number of colors and ink types. The ink used in boiled, steamed, and high-temperature sterilization packaging bags is still relatively expensive.

Composite food packaging bag price element four: bag makingDifferent bag types have different production losses and use different equipment. The more complex the production, the greater the loss, and the higher the price of the equipment, the higher the price.

The bag-making cost order of commonly used bag types is: three-side seal <stand-up pouch<four-side seal<eight-side seal, and the cost of making special-shaped bags depends on the difficulty of such special-shaped bags.

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