Exquisite food bags are more popular with people

March 11, 2022

Exquisite food bags are more popular with people

Some food bags have high requirements for transparency. In the process of plastic film food processing, packaging bags often have problems such as poor transparency. So, what are the factors that affect the transparency of food bags? because of what? Today, Jmei Packaging, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, combines its own experience to interpret the reasons for the poor transparency of food bags and how to deal with them.

Improper selection of the adhesive, such as the adhesive itself is dark in color or insufficient in fluidity, and the leveling function is poor, so it cannot be fully spread on the food base film. In general, the higher the solids content of the main glue. The better the fluidity, the better the coating film.

Second, the technical problem, the temperature of the drying channel of the primary food machine is too high, monotonous, and the speed is fast, the solvent of the rubber surface is activated and evaporated, and the rubber is premature. When the heat deepens inside the glue layer, the solvent under the glue film evaporates, and when the gas breaks the skin glue film, a ring like a volcanic vent is formed, this material makes the glue layer opaque.

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