Eco-friendly plastic bags are more expensive than traditional plastic bags, why are so many people still using them?

December 1, 2022

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The current plastic bags can be said to be divided into two types, one is environmentally friendly plastic bags, and the other is traditional plastic bags. As long as we often use plastic bags now, we will find that traditional plastic bags are much cheaper than environmentally friendly plastic bags. However, the incredible phenomenon is true. Most of the plastic bags now are environmentally friendly plastic bags, but they are not traditional plastic bags. . Many people may have a question, environmental plastic bags are more expensive, why are more people using them now? In fact, there are still many reasons for this, one of which is to promote the concept of environmental protection, and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness of many people nowadays has continuously improved the quality of life. Many people are constantly strengthening their awareness of sustainable development and environmental protection, and the demand for environmentally friendly plastic bags is constantly increasing. The above two points are the main reasons why most of the time, people prefer to choose more and more environmentally friendly plastic bags. Traditional plastic bags are now being phased out. Compared with the previous traditional plastic bags, the current environmentally friendly plastic bags not only do not pollute the environment, but also the quality and experience are much better than the previous traditional plastic bags.

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