During the production of food bags, these skills must pay more attention

November 16, 2022

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Some tips in the production process of food bags, such as ink distribution skills, printing plate equipment tips, aging discrimination tips, etc. must be paid attention to, so that manufacturers can better understand how to make high-quality bags. 1. Tips for ink distribution 1. What color and what color of ink is missing. For example, in orange ink, a short red can be seen, and a small amount of red can be added. 2. When removing multiple tones in a certain tone, the principle of complementary colors should be correctly used. In production practice, sometimes in order to make the white whiter, a small amount of ultramarine blue (about 1%) is added to the white ink to eliminate the yellow in the white; as long as a small amount of titanium blue is added to the black ink, the yellow in the black ink can be eliminated. 3. When using light-colored ink for food bags, white ink should be used. White ink has a strong hiding power, and too much participation will quickly weaken the color. 2. Tips for printing plate equipment 1. Check the network cable and layout, no bumps, scratches, or chromium drop. Note the orientation and orientation of the mounting plate to ensure proper vertical alignment. 2. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the cover and plug to prevent foreign objects from causing equipment errors. Care should be taken to prevent damage to the layout during operation. 3. When running at low speed, check whether the medium and heavy plate rolls are off-track, which is due to the unbalanced rolling caused by equipment errors. Fourth, mature discrimination skills 1. Maturity time refers to the time of continuous maturity, not the cumulative time after continuous maturity. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to wait for the main agent and the curing agent to fully react before they are fully mature. However, some products are intended for immediate use by customers and require full ripening. Although the peel strength of the food bags produced by these two methods is not much different, the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are quite different. 2. According to the condition of the cured adhesive, judge whether the ratio of the curing agent to the main agent is appropriate. If the adhesive does not dry, it indicates that there is less curing agent. If the adhesive is hard and brittle, it indicates a high level of curing agent.

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