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Did the high-temperature cooking bag break during sterilization? try these methods

January 8, 2023

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High-temperature retort bags are generally used to pack cooked food such as meat and sausages, and cooked food needs to be sterilized at high temperature before leaving the factory to prolong the shelf life and avoid deterioration. During the high-temperature sterilization process, many manufacturers have encountered the problem of rupture of high-temperature cooking bags, which has brought losses to food manufacturers and also affected plastic bag manufacturers and brought bad reputation. Today, yltpackaging Packaging Co., Ltd. analyzes the reasons for the rupture of high-temperature cooking bags during sterilization. During the sterilization process of the high-temperature retort bag, the residual gas in the bag will expand, causing the pressure in the packaging bag to rise, and the bag will be propped up. When the pressure of the residual gas expansion is greater than the pressure that the retort bag can withstand, the retort bag will burst. In addition, in some bone products, the bone contains a certain amount of air, which is difficult to extract when vacuuming. When the sterilization is heated up, the air in the bone is heated and expands, causing the bag to burst. So how to solve this problem? 1. Using pressure sterilization and pressure cooling The most important step is to increase the pressure when the high-temperature cooking bag enters the sterilizer. Generally, pressurization starts from 90 degrees. The specific temperature should be determined according to the initial temperature, capacity, residual air and other factors of the product in the retort bag. If the pressurization is too early, the heating time will be prolonged; if the pressurization is too late, the bag will be broken. happened. In addition, for high-pressure static sterilization, the pressure should be released slowly during cooling to prevent the internal and external pressure from bursting due to imbalance. The choice of sterilization medium during sterilization also has a lot to do with bag breaking. Generally, there are three kinds of sterilization media: high-pressure hot water, high-pressure steam and steam-air mixed gas, and each medium has its own advantages. Studies have shown that high-pressure hot water is heated more evenly than the latter two when sterilizing, and its disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of heat when heating up, and sometimes it will deform or pollute the packaging container, and these disadvantages are almost nonexistent. For soft cans , the steam-air mixed medium seems to be the most ideal, but the ratio of the mixed air should be appropriate. If it is too much, the heat transfer performance of the container will be poor and the sterilization effect will be reduced; on the contrary, if it is too small, the bag may be damaged due to slight pressure changes. rupture. The relationship between the ratio of steam to air and the broken bag varies with the size of the bag, the amount of content filled, the amount of residual air (that is, the degree of vacuum), and the sterilization temperature. 2. Packaging strength inspection Packaging strength inspection mainly includes sealing strength, pressure strength, peel strength, static pressure strength, drop strength, puncture strength and other aspects. During the inspection, the inspection parameters should be set according to the difference of the built-in products of the high-temperature cooking bag. In order to ensure the strength of the seal, the key is not to contaminate the seal of the retort pouch when filling. If juice, water droplets, etc. adhere to the inside of the sealing part, the sealing part area cannot be sealed. The flatness and consistency of the bag seal when sealing is also one of the factors that affect the quality of the seal. To keep the seal of the bag flat and free of wrinkles after sealing, the following points should generally be paid attention to: the mouth of the retort bag must be flat, and the lengths of both sides should be the same; Large, the amount of bagging should not be too much, and the total thickness of the bag should not exceed the limit requirements. It should be noted that the sealing temperature, pressure, and time depend on the material of the retort bag, the melting temperature of the film, and the thickness of the sealing edge. In a certain sealing time, if the temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete melting and it will not be easy to make it bond, while if the temperature is too high, it will cause the film to melt excessively and change its physical and chemical properties, which will also cause the seal to be weak. Similarly, if the pressure is too low, the molten film is not tightly linked, and if the pressure is too high, the molten film material may be extruded and the seal may not be firm. The sealing time determines the size of the production capacity. Under the premise of ensuring the sealing quality, the sealing time determines the production capacity, and vice versa. Generally, the temperature, pressure and time of sealing should be tested.

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