detailed explanation of the types of clothing plastic bags, all of them must be experts in the plastic bag industry

December 12, 2022

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Plastic bags can be said to be very widely used in our daily life, and there are many types of products. Plastic bags have played a crucial role in the clothing industry, and it can be said that they have an indispensable position. So what are the types of plastic bags used in the clothing industry? There are many types of plastic bags used in the clothing industry, and there are five types in total. During the use of plastic bags in the clothing industry, there are mainly five types. Self-adhesive plastic bags, zipper plastic bags, portable plastic bags, flat mouth plastic bags, self-sealing plastic bags. The materials used in these plastic bags can be said to be of various types, probably made of PE\PP\PPE\CPE\PO and other materials. Which material to use depends mainly on the purpose of the plastic bag. The above is the detailed explanation of the main types of plastic bags used in the clothing industry. I believe that after seeing these types, you have a general understanding of the types of plastic bags. If you need to know more about the types of plastic bags, please feel free to consult the editor, or pay attention to the later content of the editor. The editor will also explain the above types in detail.

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