Detailed explanation of self-adhesive plastic bags for rice bags and their main uses

December 8, 2022

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The self-adhesive plastic bag is very similar to the flat-mouth plastic bag we often see, that is, a sealing strip is added on the basis of the flat-mouth plastic bag. The main purpose of self-adhesive plastic bags is to pack some small gifts or small commodities, and to pack clothes when they are in stock. Some self-adhesive plastic bags will open a small round hole or other shaped holes in a fixed place on the top of the plastic bag for better sales, which is also very helpful for hanging clothes. In the printing process of self-adhesive plastic bags, there are two main printing modes, which are surface printing and inner printing. Which printing mode to use is mainly based on the actual needs of the plastic bag. If you don’t want to paint on the product, just choose the surface printing method directly. If you want the surface of the plastic bag to be smooth and beautiful, you can directly choose the inner printing method. Most of the self-adhesive plastic bags have adhesive stickers on the mouth. In the process of use, as long as the small strip on the plastic bag is torn off, it can be easily pasted and packaged. Most of these are disposable, and for this reason, many e-commerce companies do not use this kind of self-adhesive plastic bags to pack their own clothing products.

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