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Create surprising eight-side sealed packaging bags, bringing more possibilities

January 12, 2023

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The data shows that the post-90s generation has become the main force of current consumption, and the consumption characteristics of the post-90s generation are obviously different from those of the post-70s and post-80s generation. The focus of their consideration when purchasing products has gradually shifted from practicality to appreciation. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of consumers, products have begun to focus on packaging, and packaging bags of different shapes, designs, and materials emerge in endlessly. Among them, eight-side sealing packaging bags are developing particularly rapidly.Eight-side-sealed packaging bag is a compound bag named according to the way of sealing. As the name implies, it has eight sealing edges, four sealing edges at the bottom, and two sides on each side. This type of bag is a new type of bag that has emerged in the past two years. can also be calledfor”Flat bottom bag, square bottom bag, accordion zipper bag”and many more. At present, the proportion of eight-side seal bags in snacks, condiments, pasta and other industries is increasing. So what is the charm of eight-side seal bags favored by consumers?First, the eight-side sealing method enables the left and right sides and the bottom of the packaging bag to be unfolded, which expands the use space of the packaging bag to a certain extent and enhances the practicability of the packaging bag.Second, the bottom of the eight-side-seal packaging bag is flat and open, and the standing is more stable, which can more intuitively display the layout of the packaging bag and attract consumers’ attention.Third, the printing effect is good, and the eight-side sealed packaging bag has a total of8There are more pages available for printing, which can describe product information more accurately and in detail, and increase customers’ understanding of products. The appearance of the product is more exquisite, and it has a strong effect of publicity and promotion.Fourth, eight-side-seal zipper bags are more common. Adding a zipper to the bag, eight-side-seal is one of the most suitable bag types, because of its self-supporting style, the bag can stand after the zipper is closed, and the contents are not easy to spill out. It can better ensure food safety.Fifth, eight-side seal bags have the flatter appearance of other bags. After the eight-side sealed bag is filled with food, the shape of the bag is still flat and beautiful, and it will not bend and wrinkle like other bags.In short, the eight-side-seal packaging bag has been a popular bag type in the past two years and has a strong vitality. It is expected that there will be more market demand in the future.

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