Could the nozzle bag aluminum foil bag be bottom filled?

July 18, 2022

Could the nozzle bag aluminum foil bag be bottom filled?

Can the nozzle bag be bottom filled? Can you hold this bag in a bag? This is an inquiry from a customer. Our answer is yes, let’s popularize the knowledge about the mouthpiece bag today.

There are two filling methods for self-supporting nozzle bags: reserved mouth filling and nozzle filling. The difference between the two is:

  1. The nozzle bag filling is semi-automatic and fully automatic respectively. The semi-automatic filling of the nozzle bag refers to manually inserting the nozzle bag into the filling machine, rotating the filling machine turntable for filling and filling, and finally screwing the cap. The automatic filling machine can automatically bag, fill, and cap automatically on the turntable of the filling machine, and the suction nozzle is a double-slot suction nozzle.
  2. The price of the reserved mouth filling machine is relatively low, and the manual bag insertion work is suitable for small batches. The disadvantage is that blank space will be reserved, which is not particularly beautiful. The second is the low yield. And definitely need to be customized.

nozzle bag aluminum foil bag

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