Common materials and bag types of grain bags

January 3, 2023

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Now, the demand for packaging bags for whole grains in the market is very strong, and this is a promising market. Whole grains are coarse grains, which can provide rich dietary fiber for the human body and are very good for health. Especially modern people are accustomed to eating white rice and white noodles, and miscellaneous grains play a very good role in regulating and supplementing. The whole grains sold in the market are also divided into different grades, corresponding to different needs of people. When consumers buy miscellaneous grains, they often use packaging bagsto choose.materialregular packagingCommon materials for grain bags arePE/PP/PAComposite material, this material has moisture-proof, mildew-proof, insect-proof effects, good mechanical properties, can withstand heavy grain packaging, and can provide protection during the transportation and storage of miscellaneous grains.vacuum packagingIn recent years, people have higher and higher requirements for the taste of miscellaneous grains. Vacuum packaging bags that can extend the shelf life of food and improve the appearance and texture of products have come into people’s field of vision.

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Vacuum packaging bags have strong air isolation performance, waterproof, moisture-proof and oxidation-proof, and can also play a certain protective role in humid environments, so that miscellaneous grains will not be dampened by the weather. At the same time, it also has a certain fresh-keeping function, which can keep the miscellaneous grains in their original state, allowing people to enjoy delicious miscellaneous grains for a longer time. Moreover, the vacuum packaging bag has stronger blast resistance, is not easy to be pierced and torn, and can avoid accidents during transportation. In addition, vacuum packaging is formed independently, which is visually more beautiful and high-end, and virtually improves the grade of miscellaneous grains.According to the characteristics required by the grain vacuum packaging bag,PA(nylon) compositePE(polyethylene), because nylon has very strong gas barrier properties, and it is not prone to damage, puncture and other problems during long-term transportation and handling, which is much stronger than ordinaryPET,BOPP,andPEIt is a typical thermoplastic material with strong low temperature resistance. If the loaded miscellaneous grains exceed10kg, it is recommendedPETcomplexPAcomplexPE, Increase the mechanical properties of the packaging bag.In addition, vacuum-packed miscellaneous grains can also be customized double-layer packaging, the inner layer is a transparent bag for vacuuming, and the outer layer is a decorative color bag for printing. This method can not only ensure the freshness of miscellaneous grains, but also is equivalent to double-layer protection. Even if the outer bag is damaged during transportation, it will not affect the vacuum packaging of the inner layer.bag typeThe more common bag types of multi-grain bags include four-side sealed bags, back-sealed hem bags and three-side sealed flat bags.four side sealThe four-side sealing bag has high adaptability and stability in terms of packaging materials and production equipment. The product is cube-shaped after four-side sealed bag packaging, and the packaging effect is better. More printing surfaces, more prominent packaging patterns and trademarks, outstanding visual effects.Back seal with hemThe printed pattern on the front of the back seal bag is complete, and the folded edge design makes the bag more beautiful, increases the printing surface of the bag, and improves the space utilization rate. The back seal bag is sealed on the back, and the pressure on both sides of the bag is stronger, and the possibility of package damage is greatly reduced. Hems increase bag capacity.Three side seal flat pocketThe space utilization rate of the three-side seal is high, and the airtightness is good, which can ensure the freshness of the product and reduce the loss of nutrients.Three-side sealed bags can add zippers, hanging holes, etc., which are more convenient to hang on the shelf.

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It is often used as the inner packaging of miscellaneous grains, the price is lower under the same specification, and the cost performance is high.In addition, the outer packaging bag is generally added with a hand buckle, and the color and size are determined according to the color and size of the packaging bag.SpecificationCommon specifications of grain bags weight(kg)size(cm)thickness(c) 2.5 27*40 13-15 5 30*50or32*52 16-18 10 35*60 19-23 15 40*65 22-26 25 45*77 25aboveThe common specifications of miscellaneous grains are shown in the above table. When manufacturers choose the specifications of miscellaneous grains, they need to be based on the actual situation. For details, please refer to the company’s positioning.If the miscellaneous grain enterprise is positioned in a large supermarket and takes a high-end and refined route, it is recommended that the enterprise choose2.5-10kgLeft and right small size rice vacuum packaging bags. Because this kind of small-size packaging is more refined and high-grade, and it can better guarantee the freshness of miscellaneous grains for high-demand groups.If the rice business is positioned as a gift route, then both large-size rice vacuum packaging and small-size rice vacuum packaging are very suitable. The advantages of small-size miscellaneous grain packaging have been mentioned above. The larger the quantity, the more face-saving.

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