Characteristics and applications of Stand Up Pouch

April 15, 2022

Characteristics and applications of Stand Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches are used in food, electronic products, chemicals, medicine, tea and coffee, precision instruments, and vacuum packaging or general packaging. So what is the commonly used three-dimensional packaging?

1).OPP/CPP two-layer stand up bag or OPP/PET/PE three-layer composite bag

Features: moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat-sealing pressure

Application: instant noodles, snacks, biscuits, all kinds of light food etc.

Stand Up Pouch

2). BOPP/VMCPP two-layer composite,

Features: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, shading, good stiffness

Application: all kinds of dry food, fried food, potato chips, etc.

Stand Up Pouch (2)

3). BOPP/VMPET/PE three-layer composite

Features: moisture-proof, oxygen barrier, shading

Application: all kinds of food, rice snacks, snacks, tea, etc.

Stand Up Pouch (3)

4).PET/PET/CPP three-layer composite bag

Features: moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, easy to seal

Application: powder packaging, soy sauce, liquid, shampoo, etc.

Stand Up Pouch (4)

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