can you tell OPPfilm and CPPfilm?

January 9, 2023

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OPPfilm andCPPBecause of the similar pronunciation and writing style of films, customers often cannot distinguish them. Today, an article analyzes for you OPPfilm and CPPfilm difference. performance:

CPPfilm: CPPMulti-layer co-extrusion cast film. It has the characteristics of good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, good moisture resistance, excellent heat resistance, and easy heat sealing. But its freezing resistance is poor. Mainly used for inner substrates.

Food Packaging Candy BOPP Twist Plastic Wrapper Film Roll

Food Packaging Candy BOPP Twist Plastic Wrapper Film Roll

OPP: OPPis oriented polypropylene(film), Stretchable polypropylene, is a kind of polypropylene.OPPThe film is colorless and odorless, has high tensile strength, impact strength, high transparency, and good flatness, but it is not high temperature resistant and has poor heat sealing performance. OPPIt has good printing adaptability and is mainly used for the surface layer of composite bag making as a printing substrate.have to be aware of is,OPPThe secondary tear strength of the film is low, soOPPThere should be no cuts at both ends of the film, otherwise it will be easily torn during printing, compounding and transportation.
The main purpose:
1, Used for the packaging of bread, clothing, footwear and other products, as well as the cover packaging of cigarettes and books.
2, for makingOPPAdhesive tape, as well as die-cutting protection, transfer and protection of various metals, films and tapes.
3, product transportation and surface protection of new products.
4, Daily necessities labels. Compared to paper labels,OPPThe label has the advantages of moisture resistance, high transparency, and is not easy to fall off. Its extrusion resistance must match the bottle body, and it can withstand moisture without falling off even in humid bathrooms and kitchens.
1, It is safe in contact with food, has excellent extension performance, and will not affect the flavor of the food inside, so it is mainly used as the inner substrate of composite packaging such as food, candy, souvenirs, cooked food, and frozen products.
2,CPPComposite bags can be used to hold high temperature resistant food, such as cooked food in the food industry.
3,CPPExcellent heat resistance, so it can be used in hot filling, retort pouches, aseptic packaging and other fields.
4, in areas such as albums, folders, and files insteadpvc, synthetic paper, self-adhesive tape, business card holders, ring folders and stand-up bag composites.
OPPfilm and CPPfilm The difference, have you learned?

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