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Are frozen vacuum bags the same as quick-freeze vacuum bags?

January 21, 2023

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Frozen vacuum bags and quick-freezing vacuum packaging bags, generally we think they are the same, because they are all foods that can be frozen. From the point of view of comparison, there are differences between them whether it is performance, material or use. 1, First of all, in terms of performance, the frozen vacuum bag is to extend the storage period and shelf life of the food contained in the frozen state by means of refrigeration; The freshness of the food inside. 2, Secondly, in terms of use, frozen vacuum bags are generally suitable for fresh meat, meat products and seafood, etc.;The scope of use of quick-frozen vacuum packaging bags is relatively wide, not only for packaging fresh meat, meat-packed foods and seafood, but also for packaging pasta, fruits and even vegetables. 3Finally, in terms of the choice of packaging materials, frozen vacuum bags only need to use cold-resistant and water-resistant films, but the film of quick-frozen vacuum packaging bags requires not only cold-resistant and water-resistant films, but also barrier properties.The above are some differences between frozen vacuum bags and quick-frozen vacuum packaging bags. According to these differences, packaging bag customers can pay attention to refer to which packaging bag to choose.Speed and frozen products generally choose aluminized vacuum bags, aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags or other nylon composite vacuum packaging bags. At this time, you can also choose according to customer requirements. Different materials have different properties, such as: aluminized decoration Strong resistance, good shading and moisture resistance of aluminum foil, etc., you can choose different materials according to product requirements.

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