Are aluminum foil bags easily oxidized?

January 10, 2023

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The oxidation of aluminum foil packaging bags will not only affect its quality, but some will also generate heat during the oxidation process, causing fires, and some may cause safety accidents.The organic chemical oxidation of the aluminum foil packaging bag refers to the chemical reaction in which the aluminum foil packaging bag is in contact with oxygen in the air or oxygen released from other chemical substances, and a chemical reaction with oxygen fusion occurs. This kind of product will fade or harden when exposed to sunlight for a long time, which is the result of the oxidation of the aluminum foil packaging bag. There are many products that are easy to oxidize, such as some chemical raw materials, non-woven fabrics, rubber and plastic products, vegetable oil products, and chemical fiber textiles such as cotton, hemp, and silk.Usually, oil-based aluminum foil bags oxidize spontaneously when exposed to the air, changing their properties and temperament. This kind of oxidation is generally carried out in the form of automatic oxidation, that is, in the form of a three-link chain reaction of initiation, dissemination and termination. Even adding antioxidants does not prevent oxidation, only delays the induction period of the reaction and shortens the reaction time.Finally, I remind everyone that we must pay attention to the oxidation problem of aluminum foil packaging bags. If this kind of problem really occurs, it will cause great economic losses to both ourselves and customers.

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