Application range of aluminum foil composite bag

January 12, 2023

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Aluminum foil composite bag is a new type of packaging paper bag, which is now used in many supermarket areas, and is a very common and practical paper bag.The aluminum foil composite bag we produce has the function of preventing static electricity, because long-term storage will always attract a lot of static electricity, and this paper bag is very good to avoid this. The second point is moisture-proof, which is very common, and it can indeed be done after testing. The third is good sealing and oxygen insulation, which can well protect the essential characteristics of items and greatly reduce the degree of damage. Of course, there are some small features that will not be elaborated one by one.Choosing the aluminum foil composite bag produced by us can definitely protect your items. I hope that the majority of users will join in.

Aluminum Foil Tea Bags

Aluminum Foil Tea Bags

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