Analysis of shelf life of packaging materials for food packaging bags

January 7, 2023

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The packaging material of food packaging bags is the basis of food bags, carrying food label information and protecting food safety. No matter from which aspect, the packaging material is very important. Our manufacturers will provide customers with food packaging hygiene inspection reports along with the goods, which also includes the safety and hygiene information of packaging materials. In fact, another important information of the packaging material is the storage period. If the storage period exceeds the storage period, it cannot be used without re-inspection. Naturally, there is no safety and sanitation at all. Therefore, it is sufficient for food production enterprises to obtain inspection reports for packaged products.Because packaging materials such as plastic and aluminum foil are in motion, they will age and change. There are also strict requirements for their storage environment after production, because the environment will affect their performance. Therefore, the national standard for the packaging material of food packaging bags”due storage period”Regulation. Why should it be? Because the aging speed of the packaging material has a great relationship with the storage environment, if it has not been used during the application storage period, it can be re-inspected. The following is a comparison table of the expected storage period of the packaging materials of various food packaging bagsPackaging material namedue storage periodStorage period after retestaluminum foil 2year 1year PE 1year 0.5year PET 1year 0.5year PS 1year 0.5year PP 1year 0.5year BOPP0.5year 0.3year CPP0.5year 0.3year PEblown film 2year 1year BOPA 1year 0.5yearComposite packaging 1year 0.5yearWhen it comes to the storage period of the packaging materials of food packaging bags, especially many food packaging bags are composite bags, many friends will ask, what should I do if the shelf life of food exceeds one year. Here we have to distinguish between the storage period and the shelf life. After the shelf life, most of them can no longer be eaten; and after the storage period, most of them can still be used if they are well preserved. And when the food packaging bag is sealed, the packaging material of the inner film is well preserved. Its service life is also much longer than the shelf life of packaged food. It is not possible to compare the expected storage period of food packaging materials with the shelf life of food.The above is a summary of the storage period of food packaging materials for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you who are concerned about food packaging materials.Bylaws: 1,GB/T 21302-2007General Rules for Composite Films and Bags for Packaging,GB/T10004-2008″Plastic composite film for packaging, bag dry compounding, extrusion compounding” products should be stored in a clean, dry, ventilated, and temperature-friendly warehouse, avoiding sunlight, and away from heat sources not less than1m, stacked reasonably. The shelf life of the product is one year from the date of production. 2,GB/T 27740-2011″Casted Polypropylene (CPP)film” 3,QBT1871-1993″Two-way stretch nylon (BOPA)/Low-density polyethylene(LDPE) Composite film, bag” 4,GB/T 20218-2006″Biaxially Oriented Polyamide (Nylon) Film” 5,GB/T 10003-2008″General Purpose Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene(BOPP)film” 6,GB/T 11115-2009″Polyethylene(PE)Resin 7,GB/T 16958-2008″Biaxially oriented polyester film for packagingPET” 8,GB/T 12671-2008″Polystyrene(PS)Resin 9,GB/T 12670-2008″Polypropylene(PP)Resin 10,GB/T 4456-2008″Packaging polyethylene blown film” 11,GB/T 28118-2011″Plastic and aluminum foil composite film and bag for food packaging”

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