Analysis of Heat Sealability of Plastic Packaging Bags

January 29, 2023

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Plastic packaging bag is a kind of packaging bag that uses plastic as raw material for various supplies in our lives. It is widely used in daily life and industrial production. If the heat sealing performance of plastic packaging bags is not good, it will affect the quality of the goods. Storage quality, plastic packaging bags will not play a very good role in protecting the goods. So what factors are related to the heat sealability of plastic packaging bags?Different plastic packaging bags have different heat-sealing properties. Food plastic packaging bags with high density and granular packaging require high heat-sealing strength of plastic packaging bags; If it is easy to fly dust, it is required that the inclusions of plastic flexible packaging materials have better heat sealing performance.After the heat-sealing material is determined, the heat-sealing quality is also related to the heat-sealing process, usually the main control is the heat-sealing temperature, pressure and time. When heat sealing is above the heat sealing temperature, the plastic film will become a viscous fluid state; while the heat sealing pressure will cause the interpenetration and diffusion of interpenetration and diffusion between the interface molecules of the plastic film in a viscous fluid state; a certain heat sealing time will Make the interface molecules of the plastic film penetrate and diffuse each other as soon as possible, so that the interface disappears and becomes a whole, so it has good sealing. The lower heat-sealing temperature of the heat-sealing material depends on the melting temperature of the material. The heat-sealing temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of the heat-sealing material. However, the higher temperature depends on whether the material to be sealed is a single film or a composite film, and the thickness of the film. , heat sealing pressure, heat sealing speed and other technical indicators. Generally, the heat-sealing pressure is high; the heat-sealing speed is slow; the film thickness is large, the heat-sealing temperature can be lower, and vice versa.

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