Advantages of kraft paper bag packaging

September 30, 2022

Advantages of kraft paper bag packaging

Kraft paper bags are more and more used in the market in the packaging industry where green environmental protection is more and more frequently mentioned. In daily life, the packaging of kraft paper materials can be seen everywhere, such as hand-picked cakes sold by street vendors, Wojin one-way exhaust valve coffee bags, coffee powder bags, and melon seed bags in supermarkets. 

kraft paper bag packaging

In today’s “anti-plastic” trend, kraft paper bags are favored by more and more industries and enterprises, and they have begun to replace plastic packaging bags, shopping bags, etc. for packaging products because kraft paper bags have general soft plastic packaging. Bags do not have the advantage. The environmental performance of kraft paper bags is the key to their wide application. In the packaging industry that pays more and more attention to green, although there are many flexible plastic packaging materials as five poisonous and tasteless, kraft paper also has the advantages of being non-polluting and recyclable. In addition to the environmental protection performance of kraft paper bags, their printing performance and processing performance are also excellent. The kraft paper bag itself is divided into white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags. It does not need full-page printing. Simple lines can be used to outline the beauty of the product pattern during printing, and the packaging effect of kraft paper bags is better than that of ordinary plastic packaging bags. . Good printing performance greatly reduces the printing cost of kraft paper bags, as well as the cycle of packaging production. 

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