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About Food packaging aluminum foil roll film for automatic packaging machine

November 4, 2022

About Food packaging aluminum foil roll film for automatic packaging machine

The food packaging aluminum foil roll film for automatic packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of solid beverages, health products, meal replacement powder, milk powder, coffee powder, probiotic powder, water-based drinks, snacks, etc.

Aluminum foil packaging film is generally composed of polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene three-layer structure. Polyester is a printed film, printed with patterns, text and other information; aluminum foil is an intermediate functional layer, which protects the product from fragrance, moisture and light; polyethylene is an inner film, and the function is selected according to the type of packaging product: antistatic for powder products , Water-based products, water-based films, general-purpose films for other products.

Food packaging aluminum foil

Powder and liquid foods are suitable for vertical packaging machine filling, and block products are suitable for horizontal packaging machine. The friction coefficient of vertical and horizontal packaging machines is different, and the suitable packaging film is matched according to the friction coefficient of the machine.

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