A typical application of TPE film in flexible packaging

October 17, 2022

A typical application of TPE film in flexible packaging

  1. Frozen packaging

5kg or 10kg rice bag: Dongbei Province is one of the main rice producing areas in China. The temperature in winter is extremely low, which can be below -40℃. Requirements for anti-freezing properties. The structures that can be used are: NY15/ TPE 100 (5Kg) or NY15/ TPE 120 (10Kg).  

  1. Oil bag (4L stand-up bag with mouth)

At present, the packaging of motor oil is conventionally packaged in injection-molded PE barrels. The disadvantage is that the packaging volume and weight are large, and the packaging and transportation costs are high. The 4L oil is packed in a stand-up bag with a spout. The structure is: NY15/NY25/ TPE 150, which can reach the packaging requirements, while saving packaging costs. 

  1. Laundry liquid stand-up bag

(1) 500ml package: The bag surface adopts a two-layer structure, which can reduce the production cost under the premise of ensuring the quality. The structure is the bag surface: PET12/TPE 140. Bottom of bag: PET12/NY15/TPE120. 

(2) 2000ml package: reduce production cost by thinning. The structure used is: PET12/NY15/ TPE 160. 

4.5kg juice concentrate bag

This product will adopt a short-time high temperature sterilization process exceeding 110℃, and the high-strength PE can still meet the packaging requirements. The structure is: NY15/TPE 140. 

  1. Packaging of nut products

Nut products are easy to puncture, have high oil content, and are of great value. Any damage to the packaging will bring serious losses. Using TPE film, taking 5kg as an example, the structure is: NY15/TPE120, which can meet the packaging requirements of nut products. 

  1. The inner bag of modified nylon resin

The laminated material of PET12/AL7/NY15/ TPE80, which can meet the requirements of nylon packaging to prevent moisture and damage. 

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